Aufguss-WM e.V is a registered association in which the internal sauna companies and organizations have set themselves the task of organizing international Aufguss Championships at a high level for the worldwide audience and, above all, to develop them further.

The association was founded in 2017.

The focus is on the sauna guest, to whom the Sauna Aufguss is to be presented at the highest level, but also on the Master of Aufguss (MoA), whose chance it is to develop further at events such as those of the "AUFGUSS-WM" Association. The main aim is to present their skills, to promote international understanding and exchange between the Masters of Aufguss.

Much value is placed on the original intention of an Aufguss as a health ritual and highlight of the sauna bath, which must not be lost in the Show Aufguss, but is supported by the entertainment factor. Therefore, it is the aim of "AUFGUSS-WM" to formulate standards which can be regarded as quality characteristics for a good Aufguss and Show Aufguss worldwide.


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