Membership of AUFGUSS-WM Association

More and more businesses join us from different nations. We would like to develop a shared sauna experience and Aufguss-culture, which can be contributed to the world.

As a member you will have several advantages:

  • Networking opportunities
  • Organizing national Aufguss Qualifyings
  • Annual membership meetings
  • Updates on policies
  • The right to vote and having influence on membership meetings
  • Usage of logo for own advertising purposes
  • Regular updates on our web page and exclusive online resources

Membership application and fee regulation

Members application for Full Members

Full members are national associations that carry out national Aufguss Championships and thermal baths and spas and natural persons. These members pay the contribution for full membership. They have a seat and the right to vote in general meetings.

Annual fee for full members

1.200,00 €

Members application Supporting Members

Supporting members are spas and saunas and general enterprises or facilities, as well as natural persons who want to support and promote the AUFGUSS-WM and the purpose of the association. They will receive a discount on the entry fees to the AUFGUSS-WM. 

Annual fee for supporting members   

600,00 €


Meisenstraße 83
DE-33607 Bielefeld


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