Registration for the AUFGUSS-WM 2020

Are you interested in presenting your unique show infusion to the audience at the AUFGUSS-WM? Are you a sauna master with experience in sauna and infusion or have you even taken part in a competition?

Please register for the National Qualifyings that applies to you. Note that the participation depends on your place of work or your home country/nationality. Please also read the regulations.

You have already qualified for a National Qualifyings and would like to register for the AUFGUSS-WM now? Please fill out the form completely. You will only be registered officially  in order to participate, once we have received all the data!

The registration form will be activated in spring 2020.

The AUFGUSS-WM 2020 will take place at the Palac Saturna in Poland!


Meisenstraße 83
DE-33607 Bielefeld


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